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Chinese Medical Students Shadow Riverview Health Doctors

February 19, 2016

Riverview Health hosted four Chinese medical students during a three-week medical exchange program. The students rotated with and shadowed four doctors at Riverview Health: Dr. Jeffrey Ginther, Dr. Andrew Koon, Dr. Bruce Schilt and Dr. Peter Schilt.

“The students really have fun and enjoy learning about the technology here and seeing medicine around the world in a different way,” said Dr. Ginther, orthopedic surgeon with Riverview Health Physicians. “This also gives us the opportunity to connect with and teach the younger generation.”

Dr. Ginther and three other physicians graciously opened up their homes to the students during their time here.

Susan Cheong, one of the medical students Dr. Ginther and his wife hosted at their home, mentioned her experience has been great and was impressed with the cultural diversity she has come across.

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Dr. Jeffrey Ginther (left) along with Kristen Schwab, PA, (right) uses an X-ray examination as a learning opportunity for Susan Cheong (middle).