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Riverview Health Board of Trustees Remains the Same

March 2, 2016

Riverview Health Board of Trustees will remain the same for 2016. In addition, the Hamilton County Commissioners reappointed Bruce Kettler and William Kirsch, MD, to four-year terms, which began January 1, 2016.

“We’re pleased to have the same group of board members and Bruce and Dr. Kirsch reappointed,” said Pat Fox, president and CEO of Riverview Health. “Our board members’ leadership and passion for the community continue to be instrumental in accomplishing our mission to improve the health and wellness of those we serve.”

The current Riverview Health Board of Trustees includes:

  • Greg Murray, Chairman
  • William Kirsch, MD, Vice Chairman
  • Leeann Murray, Secretary
  • Charles Mulry, MD, Assistant Secretary
  • Steven Holt
  • Bruce Kettler
  • Sam Mishelow