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Riverview Health to host open house for new weight loss program

November 16, 2016

Riverview Health is hosting an open house to educate the public about a new weight loss program called Body Knowledge. The open house will be at its Rehab & Fitness facility in Noblesville from 4-6:30 pm on Tuesday, December 13.

The innovative Body Knowledge program features the BOD POD, which provides precise body composition measurements including body fat percentage and fat-free mass. After receiving a BOD POD measurement, participants can enroll in one of four Body Knowledge programs in which a registered dietitian helps incorporate BOD POD results into setting and achieving personalized goals. Programs range from four weeks to six months in length.

The Body Knowledge Open House is free and open to the public. It’ll be held at Riverview Health Rehab & Fitness at 601 Westfield Road, Noblesville. Attendees will be entered into a drawing to win a free BOD POD initial assessment. Call 317.776.7225 or visit riverview.org/classes for more information.