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Riverview Health Foundation raises more than $1.5 million for Courtney Cox Cole Infusion Center

December 17, 2019

Riverview Health Foundation announced at its annual board meeting that it has raised more than $1.5 million for the Courtney Cox Cole Infusion Center, which opened on Nov. 15. The total amount is made up of gifts, pledges and proceeds from various events over the last several years, including $175,000 from the recent Riverview Health Masquerade Ball held in November.

“We’re so grateful to have the support of many generous donors who provided the means to create the new Courtney Cox Cole Infusion Center and keep these treatments close to home for so many of our patients,” said Megan Wiles, executive director of Riverview Health Foundation. “The beautiful, welcoming new space truly reflects our wonderful community, and our hope is that each patient who walks through our doors feels that.”

The need for infusion and injection therapy continues to increase. Conditions commonly treated at an infusion center include cancer, gastrointestinal disorders and pulmonary illnesses. Patients may also visit for blood transfusions and intravenous antibiotic treatments. Over the last few years, the number of outpatient visits at Riverview Health has doubled to more than 10,000 annually.   

“With the growing numbers, we felt there was an opportunity to—not only expand—but create an Infusion Center that better complemented the caring staff members and make our patients’ experiences even better,” said Angie Bolinger-Anderson, director of Cardiology and Cancer Services.

Having been a patient herself at the previous infusion center, Courtney and her family were able to provide suggestions on what the new space could offer patients. Through their generosity, Courtney and her family also donated the lead gift.

The new Infusion Center triples the amount of space offered in the previous location and now offers private rooms, semi-private suites and infusion pods, ensuring that patients receive care in their preferred manner— whether it be alone or with others. 

To learn more about the Courtney Cox Cole Infusion Center, visitriverview.org/video  or to make a gift, visit riverview.org/inspire.

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Riverview Health Foundation presents check to Riverview Health. From left to right: Seth Warren, Riverview Health president/CEO, Genan Kirby, Riverview Health Foundation Board Chairman, Greg Murray, Riverview Health Board of Trustees Chairman, Megan Wil